Be a Warrior! Run for a Warrior!

Realliety Challenge is an annual event brought to you by Realliety Athletic Productions (R.A.P). The goal of R.A.P is to create family-friendly, fitness centric and community service-oriented events that will promote wellness and entertainment within our community. Allie Ieyoub Davis, a long-time fitness enthusiast, personal trainer and owner of Project Fit, began organizing fitness events in 2006 and is primarily known for Allie’s Bootcamps. R.A.P is an extension of Project Fit that bases its success on the hard work and good will of the people of Lake Charles.

R.A.P also strongly supports our US veterans by donating a portion of the proceeds from this event to The Mission Continues, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping our servicemen and women find employment upon their return to civilian life. R.A.P supports the Mission Continues’ belief that our US Veterans have valuable skill sets that would not only benefit their local communities, but would also give them the validation and respect they deserve.

Realliety Challenge participants will be faced with a series of obstacles covering approximately 3.5 miles of unique Louisiana terrain. The Realliety Challenge “War Zone” was created to parallel military training conditions, including running, crawling, jumping, hanging and balancing elements. Like our U.S. warriors at home and abroad, it takes determination, courage and the right attitude to face life’s challenges. R.A.P believes that obstacles present an opportunity to grow the mind and body, and our events are based upon this philosophy.

Those who conquer the obstacles and survive the challenge will celebrate with great music, food and beverages.

Join us for a day of family, fun and fitness that will benefit our community and a good cause. We encourage families and businesses to come out to the ReALLIEty Challenge for the Dirtiest Party In Town!!!