Attention all warriors!

There are big things on the horizon for Realliety Challenge!  It is an exciting time in our growth and the ReAlliety Challenge team is working hard to make sure the next down-and-dirty competition is as fierce as you are!  For seven years, ReAlliety Challenge has not only delivered the most demanding physical endurance course in the south, but the most family-friendly party in Lake Charles.  Your response to the Challenge has been beyond our wildest expectation.

We are currently exploring innovative ways to take the “dirtiest party in town” to the next level!  A complete re-design and new course objective to the Realliety Challenge is no small task! To fully develop and implement our ideas, we will need more time!  Be on the lookout for our new date and registration information.

We promise to make the wait worthwhile!

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The Mission Continues

missionThe Mission Continues, is a non-profit that empowers wounded veterans to serve again here at home, giving them purpose and allowing them to use their incredible skill sets to help build and bring communities together.The ReALLIEty Challenge supports The Mission Continues.